Life is full of celebrations, big and small. It’s part of what makes
us human, really. The way we shower mothers-to-be, rejoice over a
baby’s first steps, invite all our friends and families over to
commemorate a birthday or an anniversary, or to bear witness as we
promise forever to our soulmates.

We celebrate because things are worth celebrating. And also because
throwing a party is a way we can say “thank you!” to our loved ones.
Thank you for getting me through another year, thank you for loving my
child, thank you for believing in me, I couldn’t have done any of this
without you.

There is no new celebration under the sun, but even so, every
celebration is special, and completely unique because it’s yours. I
created Noniland, not only because I love a good party, but because I
also love helping people make their own celebrations personal,
beautiful, and truly memorable. Not only for themselves, but for their
cherished guests too.

May you always have something to celebrate!

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